Female Orgasm – Does Coital Alignment Technique Help?

Many look to Coital Alignment Technique as the solution when it comes to female orgasm. However, most people are not able to differentiate between the missionary position with the CAT technique.

Believe it or not, the penis penetration is the least effective instrument of all in giving your girl a satisfying orgasm. In fact, 30%-60% of women will never orgasm by penis penetration alone (or any other sort of penetration for that matter). This is because penetration could only produce pressure and friction on the virginal wall which is unlikely to results in female orgasm (there is one exception though, if you can constantly and accurately hit her G-spot).

For female to experience an orgasm, constant clitoris stimulation is far more effective than virginal wall stimulation. This is because the clitoris has far more nerve (that is, more sensitive) than the virginal wall. While penis penetration is a sure fire way to orgasm for men, it brings little contact with the clitoris.

This is why the clitoris alignment technique (CAT) can make a difference in female orgasm. Instead of penetrating in and out, the up-down rocking produces profound stimulation and contact to the female clitoris. Scientific studies have shown that the Coital Alignment Technique effectively improve the chance of female orgasm during sexual intercourse. Of course, the CAT technique is not the only way to go. G-Spot stimulation is another way to go but it is harder to master than the CAT technique. More on this in the next post.

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